Artist & Illustrator:

Sam Green

"Personal Projects 2013"
"Early in 2013 I had a chance to produce some of my own work on a larger scale. I bought some studio lights, hired a model to work with and much experimentation ensued. Using inanimate objects and the female form I found myself with a huge amount of material, most of it manifesting as black and white photographic experiments which I usually use for the bases of my drawings, all still lurking in my computer waiting to see light of day. They are very experimental, dark and enigmatic compositions of fragmented body parts twisting around or being obscured by the various props I was using, reflective surfaces, black sheets draping over objects or bodies, a clothes horse! etc etc. Anyway, I guess I’m still digesting what these images are or could be a year later, we’ll see what happens. The images below are perhaps some of the more conservative drawings I made as a result of these photo sessions and have been exhibited in art fairs in London and Germany."

"There is also a piece here that was made around the same time which is a large chaotic and detailed drawing of a heart. I was basically invited to take part in a lovely book called ‘A book of Hearts’ for Laurence King publishers, which featured many great contemporary illustrators images of Hearts. I was really happy to be part of it, however, I was booted out of the line up at the last minute unfortunately, I don’t think they liked it! So here it is in all it’s rejected glory!"


The Illustration and Art of Paula Duta

Illustrator, Interior designer