An experiment with backgrounds. One back ground, three different pictures. I show more process with the first and not much with the last two. Found out I could duplicate on Paper by holding plus button, thanks to mademistakes I think I like beaches best!


Olivia Knapp Drawings

Olivia Knapp’s intricate hand drawn pen and ink style is influenced by European line engravings of decorative relief and scientific specimens from the 16th and 17th centuries. Her tight cross hatching technique involves long slow and steady curved lines that articulate the surface contours of her subjects; creating supple and tangible imagery. These un-swelled lines incorporate a “line to dot” rendering method as well as an, extremely rare “dot and lozenge” rendering method. “Dot and lozenge” is a practice that was used by 16th century masters, in which a dot is placed in the center of a diamond shape made by a cross hatching pattern, helping to refine the transition between values.


Batman Poster by Salvador Anguiano

Salvador Anguiano has created this poster illustration as his entry for the Poster Posse project celebrating the 75 years of Batman.

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Francesco Tortorella (Rome, Italy) - Know Your Enemy from Point of You series, 2013      Digital Arts: Paintings


Artist Name: Savako


(H)330x (W)830x (D)830cm
GFRP, Steel, Urethan